Hello from SP Editing

Are you looking for someone to help you make your writing shine? Perhaps you need to express your message in clearer language. Or perhaps you just want to make sure your grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct. You might need an index for your book or a few simple drawings to illustrate an article. SP Editing, my text editing service, can help you…

SP Editing was started in 2002 as a proofreading and text editing service for veterinary education material. My background is in veterinary laboratory science and education, and I also have an MA Applied Linguistics. Much of my work is in editing educational and scientific writing. However, over the years my text editing work has grown to include a wide variety of topics. My clients are varied, and my work has included a diversity of topics such as conservation case studies and reports for State Government websites, law reports, linguistics, recipes and lifestyle.

Sally Pope text editing

Plain English text editing

Plain English has become important for publications of all types. You should never assume that because you are addressing a mostly educated audience, you don’t need to express yourself plainly. Clear, simple language makes the difference between an easily and quickly understood piece and something that will leave you frustrated. I can help to shape your writing by editing for plain English, so it can be understood by a wide variety of readers.

What’s more

As well as editing written language, I also offer a service in scientific illustration. SP Editing can provide line diagrams for your publications. My drawings have been used to enhance animal handling and pharmacology reports, as well as scientific papers and theses.

I would love to hear from you to discuss your writing – whether you are looking for editing, proofreading or an index, or a diagram to illustrate your work. Together we will consider the audience, what you are hoping to express and how best to convey your message.

Click to contact us or email on sally.pope@spediting.com.au or call on 0425 777 427